Internal Communication | DIY PR Coach | Ghost Writing & Editing
Hire PR expert Kerry McDuling on an hourly basis as your ‘PR coach’ and you can go out and get that great exposure yourself.

For only $120AU plus GST per hour receive expert advice that helps you to:
  • identify what you really need
  • find that newsworthy ‘hook’
  • know who your target audience really is
  • get the timing right for your approach
  • feel confident talking to journalists
  • send the media what they want – so you get what you want
PLUS receive key contacts to inspire real relationships with those you want to reach.

About your coach
Kerry McDuling is known for her enthusiasm, expertise and ability to explain specialist knowledge in easy to understand language that makes sense even to those just starting out in business.

Kerry McDuling has had over ten years experience in the public relations sector and journalism. Having been a journalist herself, Kerry McDuling knows what stories and material are most likely to inspire the media to run with them.

With her finger firmly on the pulse, she also understands how important timing is and can guide you accordingly.

Find out more about Kerry McDuling: About Or contact Kerry McDuling to talk about your publicity needs.