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Ghost writing & editing
Have you been meaning to write that best seller, but it’s still sitting in your head?
Maybe you’ve even managed to get some notes down. But finding the time or developing the skills to complete it has seemed impossible.

You don’t need time or skills.

All you need is a ghost writer like Grant McDuling.

Grant McDuling has written well over 30 published books so far. Many of these were ghost written for multi-milionair entrepeneur
Brad Sugars ( Some have gone on to become worldwide best sellers.

About ghost writing
Ghost writers write the vast majority of non-fiction books these days. Think of it this way: business leaders seldom do their own selling – they employ salespeople.
They seldom do their own accounts – they employ accountants. And they seldom do their own writing – they employ ghost writers.

About editing
Already got your first draft down – or the bulk of it? Grant can edit your draft to a state where you can proudly submit it to a publisher.

So if your manuscript is rough, unfinished or not yet begun, Grant McDuling can create or transform your book to a publishable standard.

But why write a book in the first place?
You might have a vision of informing and entertaining others. You might also dream of making a fortune as an author. You might want to be considered an expert in your field. Many are becoming authors to build credibility in a particular area.
They use the book as a tool to promote a business or service.

Whatever your motivation, there are great reasons for choosing Grant to help:

  • Fully qualified
    Grant has been awarded a degree majoring in Business Communications at the University of South Africa and a Certificate in Publishing (Copyediting & Proofreading).
  • Broad communications experience
    Grant has worked in a variety of fields: PR, journalism, marketing, supply & distribution.
  • Has a global view and networks
    Grant has lived and worked on 3 continents.
  • Broad business experience
    Grant has consulted for large multinational corporations and small businesses – and has successfully owned and operated several of his own businesses.
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It may turn out to be the most profitable action you've ever taken.

Once the book is written and published, the next task is promotion. Maximise distribution and sales through McDuling PR’s ‘author & book publicity service’. Being a published author, past-journalist and publicity specialist, Kerry McDuling has all the experience and networks you need to launch your book with success.

To boost your book sales, contact Kerry McDuling