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Are your employees in sync with how your organisation is building your brand?

Protect your business credibility by ensuring that your organisation’s internal cultural values are consistent with how you are perceived in the marketplace.

Who do your employees interact with?
Possibly consumers or potential consumers, business affiliates, trade unions, investors or potential investors, and the media.

Make sure what they are saying and doing is inline with what you want and expect by having professionally developed internal communications.

Other benefits to good internal communications include:
  • boosting employee morale
  • heightening commitment
  • increasing work efficiency
  • building your brand values
How McDuling PR can help
Communications expert, Kerry McDuling can work with your HR and internal communications staff to improve the quality of information going out to your employees about your organisation.

Your employees will be aligned with the goals established at executive levels. This may include guidance in development of in-house newsletters and online information, staff meetings and training programs.

And all information is treated with the strictest of confidence.

Having clear and engaging internal communications not only streamlines your message. It also creates a sense of healthy ownership within the organisation and helps in managing significant changes effectively.

Contact Kerry McDuling to discuss improving the quality of your internal communications.