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Professional services & franchises
Whether you are a franchisee, lawyer, accountant or offer other professional services, being excellent at what you do and assuming word will spread is no longer a realistic plan.

Things have changed for us too. More is required from PR than just articles in newspapers and magazines – much more. To generate leads in desired markets and to ensure successful results, a more intensive approach to public relations is required.

The answer is building strategic relationships.
McDuling PR specialises in the development and maintenance of strategic relationships. Scattergun public relations approaches are costly and time wasting. That is why Kerry McDuling works to create specific results with specific audiences – underpinned by a plan with specific goals.

Targeted, yes. Small, not necessarily.
Sometimes the McDuling PR finite approach requires targeting multiple audiences simultaneously - including print, television, radio and internet news sites and social media. It also may mean engaging with your existing networks - such as: past and existing clients, employees and team members, and valued affiliates.

You stay in control
Another advantage to this exacting method is that you will know exactly what’s going on while Kerry works on your behalf. Her methods are fully transparent, so you still feel in control.

McDuling PR takes on everything – including:
  • story/communications development
  • brand building
  • openings, launches, seminars, etc.
  • trade show coordination
  • online marketing and social media
  • media contacts development
  • publicity: targeted media placements/interviews
  • media coaching
  • strategic speaking and networking opportunities
  • crisis communications programs
  • newsletter/blog post development and distribution
  • identifying and forming strategic relationships
And as your business grows, McDuling PR will ensure that your reputation grows with it –nurturing the buzz at every stage.

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