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Media liaison
What results do you really want to achieve? Raise your reputation, broaden your influence and increase your profits? This is what strategic media relations can deliver for your business.

Chances are, you already know who you want to reach and what you want from them. Particularly if you have a well-researched and well-designed PR strategy.

But to get the best possible media exposure, you will want your message to be accurate and engaging – and delivered in a controlled and professional manner.
Kerry McDuling creates powerful media relations on your behalf by:
  1. Understanding you
    Kerry McDuling works closely with you to understand what makes your organisation unique, what you want to say and to which audience. Then she creates and explains your media plan - so that the right people get the right message.
  2. Understanding your target audience
    Kerry McDuling creates stories that will engage and captivate the people you want to reach. This means crafting messages that will ultimately inspire positive action for your organisation.
  3. Understanding the media
    Extensive national, regional, trade and consumer media networks (in both print and digital media) are all at McDuling PR’s disposal. Kerry McDuling understands what editors and journalists want because she was once a journalist herself (see About Us). By keeping her finger on the pulse, she knows what’s going to make a good news story – and what material to send when. Key sources are always personally followed up to maximise your opportunities.
Speaking to the media
People from your organisation might have the opportunity to speak directly to media sources in order to leverage the exposure you want. Kerry McDuling can train you and your staff to engage with media using confidence and clarity. See media training.

Measuring your success
How is your media campaign working? Kerry McDuling monitors the success for you, keeping you informed every step of the way. Find out more about media monitoring.

What budget do I need to achieve great PR for my business?
Ongoing PR campaign contracts with McDuling PR can be tailored to meet your particular needs and budget – no company is too big or too small to attract great media exposure. McDuling PR also provides one-off campaigns for major launches and announcements.