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PR strategy
To get the exposure you want, you need a PR plan – sometimes known as a public relations strategy - as part of your organisation’s overall promotional plan.

Effective advertising and sales campaigns often demand substantial budgets. Publicity through McDuling PR is different. Kerry McDuling creates PR strategies that lead to powerful results - while you spend less.

Like any plan, a PR strategy is about identifying what you really want and need - and the smartest way to get there.

Sure, you want your chosen audience to know about you. But a well-designed PR strategy will also help in controlling how and what they know about you.

This means McDuling PR is building a powerful brand for your business and ultimately raising your profit margins.

A PR strategy can be the foundation for any of the following:
  • Promoting something new
    Launching your business, or a new product or service.
  • Promoting the same – but promoting it better
    Creating or increasing interest in your organisation about what you already offer.
  • Looking different, or reaching different people
    Repositioning your business in the marketplace.
  • Refining your audience
    Communicating to specific target groups.
  • Crisis management
    Developing proactive strategies for managing risk and minimised damage from incidents that may happen.
Why hire an expert for your PR strategy?
Kerry McDuling has the experience and networks to design the PR strategy you need - within budget.

This includes:
  • identifying your goals & target audience
  • ensuring your message is a powerful one
  • recommending cost-effective approaches
  • sourcing powerful contacts & opportunities
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