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Real Estate & Property
The real estate sector has tended to rely on advertising and letterbox drops as its main sources of promotion.

Strategic public relations by McDuling PR. Kerry McDuling can ensure that you attract new clients and buyers for your listings by building your profile differently from the rest – and for a fraction of the cost of advertising or printing flyers.

Building trust
The real estate industry has attracted a mixed reputation due to a few bad eggs. This is why it’s vital to use PR tools to build your credibility and to be seen as an expert advisor on the local property market. People will actually want to know what you have to say – and what you have to sell. Opportunities for generating attractive new listings will also flow from this powerful foundation.

How does Kerry McDuling do this?
If you contact her, she will tell you. But for now, let’s just say that McDuling PR can help you with:
  • Create property market comment
  • Media contacts and local exposure
  • Article and case study development, eg awards, interesting listings
  • Online marketing and social networking
  • Newsletters – keeping in touch with your valued database
And because her approach is fully transparent, you will know exactly what is going on every step of the way.

Want to know more? Contact Kerry McDuling.