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Sports PR
It is impossible to imagine sports today without public relations.

Whether it is swapping predictions about what’s going to happen, experiencing the game as it happens, catching up via highlights, or pulling it apart once it’s all over – PR helps sports fans every step of the way.

Large or small
And we are not just talking big media exposure of international athletes - although McDuling PR handles that level on a regular basis. It could be a local amateur team wanting some sponsorship. Or it could be a sports organisation needing more community support or simply wanting to celebrate the successes of their athletes. So it is important to find inexpensive ways to successfully get the fans buzzing with excitement and attracting new members to your club/sport.

Community and sport
If approached in the right way, there are influential groups in your community who are generally open to supporting its local sports team including:
  • local businesses
  • community groups
  • schools
  • local media
McDuling PR can tap into these opportunities and vastly improve your brand presence in the process – and you will find the process highly cost-effective.

Talking to the media
Without media coaching, it can be easy to accidentally say something inappropriate, misleading or simply vague. When this happens, you have just bungled a big opportunity. So Kerry McDuling will anticipate the types of questions you might face and properly prepare you for them. You will also know what subjects to avoid.

Athletes are more than just athletes
Sports champions are often held up as symbols of what we should aspire to. Opinions are often expressed about an athlete’s personality and what they get up to ‘off the field’. These opinions can make or break your reputation. Kerry McDuling will ensure you stand out amongst the cluttered sports media commentary…in all the right ways.

And because her approach is fully transparent, you will know exactly what is going on at every step.

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