“Kerry McDuling has created so much media exposure for my real estate business that I can’t shop in my own suburb anymore without being recognised and stopped by local residents for a hello and a catch up chat. It’s a problem I’m happy to have!”

Carmen Briggs, Business Owner/Principal, Harcourts Inner West


“We couldn’t believe our luck. Kerry McDuling’s contacts have always generated wonderful media coverage for our sport - but she also secured us a huge sponsorship deal as well.”

Yvonne Hay, General Secretary AIR Inc, Australian Ice Racing

Being an international company we demand a range of public relations activities tailored to specific markets. The intimate working relationship we established with Kerry McDuling ensured we were able to proactively conduct these activities and move very quickly when we did have to react to an external situation. Throughout our relationship with Kerry McDuling we have been very impressed with the results she has achieved for our brand.

David Martin, Head of Marketing and Communications, Harcourts International


Message: Prompt PR campaigning and results
“When we were awarded the National Franchisee of the Year we needed local, state and national exposure - and we needed it fast. Kerry McDuling put into action an intelligent and efficient strategic PR campaign where every opportunity was maximized. Our business reputation boomed and our profits along with it.”

Janelle Brown, Franchise Owner, Swimart (Currimundi, Qld)

“At our national conference Kerry McDuling gave our franchisees a presentation on the importance of PR for brand building and working with the media. They found the presentation extremely valuable. Kerry McDuling's suggestions prompted many to immediately develop PR opportunities in their own communities.”

Alan Payne, National General Manager, Mr Rental

Kerry McDuling helped us 'take charge' of our public relations. Her enthusiasm and experience led to key media exposure and the building of strategic relationships with other businesses. She has been invaluable.”

Narelle Turner, Director, Take Charge

“McDuling PR was recently engaged to raise the public profile of Grow Consulting Group and we are starting to see the results of her work. She writes news releases and articles to distribute through her media contacts, but also contributes to the monthly newsletter with interviews of colleagues and clients to explain the specifics of what we do.

The biggest benefit of having Kerry McDuling as part of our team is her positive attitude and great energy. As an objective outsider she brings a different perspective to our business and proactively contributes to the different promotional and marketing activities we are involved with, taking part in brainstorming sessions each month. It’s great to have her on board.”

Ayda Shabanzadeh, Director, Grow Consulting Group

“Kerry McDuling always has her finger on the pulse. While keeping us informed when the Club appears in the media, she also presents us with response strategies. It’s great to know that we are taking advantage of every opportunity as it arises.”

Deborah Marsland, President, McLeod Country Golf Club


“Being a new company, we needed to create a reputation in the marketplace. Through Kerry McDuling’s PR expertise, Essential Key has already been involved in radio campaigns, news articles, magazine publications AND national television (with more television exposure to come). People sure know about us now!”

Hayley Harris, Property Stylist, Essential Key