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Prior to starting my own consultancy in 2007, I was the National Communications Manager for Harcourts Australia. I was responsible for managing and implementing the internal and external communications strategies for all of the facets of the business, including for the franchisees around the country, the property management department of each business, building expert status of the CEOs in each State, and more. I had also been employed in corporate communications and Features Editor for different organisations.


As a result, I have established excellent working relationships with media and industry media around Australia.


I have consulted to multiple PR agencies around Australia, tutored Public Relations subjects at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and am the published author of 4 books. I was committed by an educational publisher for the first 3 books when I was just 22 years old. The most recent book is about DIY publicity.

Kerry McDuling’s Bio


  • Manage client workflow and public relations campaign creation and implementation
  • News generation
  • Media release writing, editing and distribution
  • Liaising with your relevant media
  • Business development (yes, for you)
  • Engaging sponsorship opportunities
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media plan creation and management
  • Events organisation (small book launches)
  • Seeking out opportunities for strategic relationships and cross promotional opportunities for your business
  • Event media management
  • Article writing and editing
  • Magazine editing and writing
  • DIY Publicity – I will help you to create your plan and provide assistance for implementation
  • Ghost writing (wiring on your behalf under your name)

It’s hard to believe I have been working for myself for over 10 years now. I have always been done the “Pubic Relations and writing” gig, yet it has never become boring as I suspect many other positions and jobs would after so long.  Perhaps because something is always happening!


Every client is so different, and it’s their passion for their topic/business  (regardless of what they actually do) that makes it exciting for me. I love hearing about how they got started, and then sharing their business and motivation with their client base. I love creating industry experts and providing informative knowledge on my clients’’ behalf. I think my longevity in this industry constantly makes me do better and therefore achieve better results. I can instantly determine what is interesting about their business, and what the media will want to know. I also collect media contacts and have built a rapport with them. At the very least, I provide them with what they want to receive – and not what is irrelevant to them.


I don’t charge clients by the hour.  Yes, I am aware that many of the large, prestigious agencies do so, largely because they want to ensure that every hour by their junior staff is accounted for.  My business is my reputation. Yes, I do care. So, I want to achieve the best results for my clients, even if it means sitting in the dark on my laptop at midnight! If it takes me 50 hours to get what my client wants, and the client is paying me for just 4 hours, well, whose problem is that? My client is happy and so am I. Instead of clock watching and writing reports to count the minutes it takes to read an email, I am busy getting results. Your campaign document details exactly what I am going to do for you, and the investment on your part.  You receive this at the start of the consultancy, so you know what to expect.


I know you are more interested in how I can help you, so I won’t fill up my website with case studies from past clients, or name drop about the media I have cracked over the years (yes, it is substantial and it does include TV, print, popular radio, women’s magazines, business media etc). If you are interested however, just let me know and I will happily provide it.


I have lasted throughout some significant changes to our industry. Both by working in corporate communications and out on my own, there was a time when providing media releases and media pitches were everything. Now, clients can publish their own content to their social media accounts, creating publications, and to their blog. Never before has it been so crucial that a business’ message is consistent and appropriate. Now that business’ can publish free reign, us PR people need to be more on the ball than ever before – even creating and providing messages to CEOs ahead of time, so they can enjoy publishing on their own accord and still be relevant and consistent.  Brand image is also crucial with social media proving tempting channels for communication.