What I do - McDuling PR
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What I do


In effect, I will help you to reach your target audience to tell them a message you want to share. Your message could be the mere fact that you are there, because, after all, if nobody knows about you, you can’t expect them to buy from you!

You may have a new product or service or you may wish to share ongoing industry news with your clients.


Your audience can be found in many different places, such as a particular newspaper, magazine, online, on particular television and radio programs and of course, social media. I personally like to reach them on all of their medians, not just one, because I want to ensure you are constantly top of mind for your clients.


Creating and distributing media releases are an important part of what we PR people do, but I can help get your message across in other ways too.  I write articles on your behalf and pitch them to the media, and I also search for and create cross promotional and strategic relationships on your behalf – this is when you promote yourself to a business that shares the same clients, but are not your competition.

My duties include

Prepare targeted media list and maintain favourable relationships with media on your behalf

The media list will be completed as a result of receiving identification of all target markets

Brainstorm newsworthy angles

Review and create media release/s

Pitch and distribute the media releases to targeted media

Create media statement in case of negative reviews and commentary

Manage any negative reviews or commentary on your behalf

Prepare other media statements as necessary

Follow up on releases; arrange interviews and photo opportunities where appropriate.

Provide media releases and clippings to web administrator for uploading to website News Room and social media channels.

Social media plan

Write and edit article content

Write and edit newsletter content

Write and edit web copy

Write and edit any other marketing content